If you are considering subletting your space, discuss it with your current roommates. They might have a friend who is interested in the space and it is a good idea to see if sublet tenants are compatible with the other occupants.

Campus Realty must be made aware of any sublet tenants. Therefore, a copy of the completed sublease and sublet application must be filed with the Campus Realty office. Sublet tenants not on file with Campus Realty will not have access to lockout services, account services, etc. Also, a rent check from someone not on file may mean that the account is not properly credited.

Regardless of the terms of any sublease, the Primary Tenant is responsible for fulfilling all lease obligations.

Important Information on Subletting

The tenant should make the subtenant fully aware of the lease provisions. It is a good idea to give the subtenant a copy of Campus Realty's Rules and Regulations governing use of the premises, including no pets, not going on the roofs, etc. Read the complete list of Rules and Regulations.